Thursday, December 22, 2011

Instant Attraction: Timber-framed home

This home was featured in Living Etc, Dec 2011.  Images scanned from the magazine.  Styling by Anna Molvik.  Photos by Matthew Williams.

I love that hard materials are mostly natural, rustic, and muted while the super luxurious and often brightly colored soft materials and a few shiny lacquered hard surfaces add just the right contrast.  That staircase is beautiful, and the hammock pulls up and out of the way on a pulley system when the family needs space to entertain.  How cool is that?  

More photos of this home after the jump...

Above is a view of the living room.  As before, I love the rustic backdrop accented by the bright pops of color provided by the sectional.

Below views of various other details in the home.  I love the millwork in the bar area (second row, left picture).  It's as is a metal filing cabinet has been inserted into the barn board.  The light fixture over the table is also beautiful.  I love how the round green vase on the table echoes the chandelier above and how the sleek, modern table contrasts with its rustic surroundings.

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