Thursday, December 22, 2011

Good Idea: Christmas trees and decorations

It's almost Christmas!  Here are two good twists on the typical christmas tree as seen in the home of Tricia Guild (founder of Designer's Guild) in the Dec 2011 issue of Living Etc.  Both of these ideas could be used year round depending on how you choose to decorate the trees.

Coming soon: a simple keepsake ornament DIY to help you decorate your home.

1.  Indoor tabletop branch tree.  This is a great alternative for someone who lives in a small apartment and doesn't have enough space for a full sized tree, or for someone who doesn't want to clean up needles. 

Another tree variation after the jump...

2.  Outdoor tree.  It looks like Tricia's tree sits in a stand on the balcony outside the windows, but imagine if you had a year-round, planted evergreen right outside your window?  You could decorate it simply with white string lights year round and jazz it up with ornaments and color during the holidays.  

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