Saturday, April 13, 2013

Apartment Challenge :: Artwork Hanging :: part 2

Finally!  I am posting some pics of the re-hung artwork.  I actually hung it long ago, but have been very busy and slacking on the blog.  In my first post about this project I showed a few images of some great looking artwork walls to serve as inspiration.  Since I was working with the artwork we already have, I knew I needed a way to make the pieces relate to each other.  I realized that I already had lots of black frames, and so decided that swapping out the few non-black frames for black would be a simple way to create continuity.  Overall, it's a big improvement!

One tool I bought to make things easier was the Hang & Level by Under the Roof Decorating.  It's a bargain at under $15 (available here on Amazon) and makes marking the wall where the hanging hardware needs to go a total snap.   And if you've just been using nails to hang your artwork, stop it right now!   You can get a picture hanging kit at a local hardware store (or on good old Amazon) and stop tearing up your walls and know that your artwork is more safely fastened to the wall.