Saturday, September 29, 2012

Instant Attraction: Home of Frank Muytjens

Lovely, light living room and bedroom from the weekend house of Frank Muytjens, J. Crew menswear director.  These rooms feel so still, serene and peaceful.

As featured in Elle Decor October 2012: Vintage Variety.  Images from  Photos by William Waldron.

House Beautiful: An American in Kenya

Lovely palm-thatched bedroom featured in House Beautiful October 2012: An American in Kenya.  Interior design by Suzanne Kasler.  Photo by Thibault Jeanson.

So light, airy and natural.  Love that campaign desk.

Good Idea: Wrapping Countertop Material

Both of these images illustrate how you can wrap your countertop material around the cabinetry.  This is a great solution for instances where you want to change counter height (top) as well as when your countertops don't end into a wall.

Images from Canada's Style at Home magazine, October 2012.  Top image is from a redesign of a hospital lounge that was done by the magazine.  Bottom image from the article "Opposites Attract."  Photo by Monic Richard.  Styling by Nicola Marc.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

House Beautiful: Punches of Color

I like the bold pops of color in this interior, and especially dig the pattern that's been added to the backs of the bookshelves.

Images from House Beautiful May 2012.  Interior design by Christina Murphy.  Photographs by Jonny Valiant.

Good Ideas: Panelling design

Lovely, stately panelling design from House Beautiful May 2012: Bath of the Month.  Interior design by Karin Edwards.  Photo by Jason Donnelly.  I love the two contrasting finishes used on the panelling.

Nate Berkus Home Office Makeover

Loved this one-day home office makeover by Nate Berkus in House Beautiful May 2012.  Perfect balance of masculine and feminine.  Love that 70's sofa!

Image from House Beautiful.  Interior Design by Nate Berkus.  Photo by Björn Wallander.

House Beautiful: California Cottage

Image from House Beautiful: California Cottage, July/Aug 2012.  Interior Design by Stephen Shubel.  Photos by Luca Trovato.

I love this platform seating.  Very casual yet sophisticated.  Great collection of pillows on top and who doesn't love a good box cushion?

Instant Attraction: House Beautiful - Naturally Modern

Love the color and materials palette of this project.  Lots of texture, pattern and natural materials.  And I LOVE the groundcover in the deck area.  It is called Baby's Tears, and I want some.

Images from House Beautiful, July/August 2012.  Interior design by Mark Egerstrom.  Photos by Lisa Romerein.  More photos of this project after the jump...

Color Files: House Beautiful - Layer With a Global Mix

Great use of color and mixing of textiles in this project.  There's a lot going on in these photos, they're a bit of a departure from my usual preferences of simple palettes with an emphasis on natural materials and very sparing use of color.  Although there is more color here, the palette is still restrained to a range of purples and reds and neutrals.  GREAT rugs.  And I am dying for this bathroom.

Images from House Beautiful June 2012, Layer With a Global Mix.  Interior design by Betsy Burnham.  Photos by Amy Neunsinger.

More images of the project after the jump...

Good Idea: Hanging Bedside Lamps

I love how these bedside reading lamps are strung up with their wires onto the canopy bed frame.  I'm very into flexible furnishings, so the idea of hard-wiring lighting fixtures into the wall doesn't have much appeal to me.  In that case if you wanted to move the bed, you'd have to patch the holes and re-wire, but not with this solution!  Also, I've spoken before about celebrating the wiring as part of the lamp and not being afraid to show it.  After all, it is what makes the lamp work!

Image from House Beautiful June 2012, Create a Sense of Time and Place.  Interior design by Ken Fulk.  Photograph by Ngoc Minh Ngo.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Instant Attraction: Home of Athena and Victor Calderone

The Amagansett home of Athena and Victor Calderone.  Featured in Elle Decor July/Aug 2012: Sound Thinking.  Photography by Jason Schmidt.  All images from

Why I like it:  Natural materials.  Contrasting lights and darks.  Texture.  Restrained use of color.  Simplicity.  Cleanness.  Serene.

More images of this project after the jump...

Elle Decor: Collective Effort

The New Jersey home of Trent Wisehart.  Featured in Elle Decor July/Aug 2012: Collective Effort.  Photography by Laura Resen.  All images from

Why I like it: Moody interiors.  Use of zebra.  Strong contrast between lights and darks.  Restrained color palette.  Exterior of home is lovely (paint job and landscaping).

More photos of this project after the jump...

Instant Attraction: Mark Cunningham in Elle Decor

The Marfa, Texas home of Sam Hamilton and Jen Chalken.  Designed by Mark Cunningham.  Featured in Elle Decor June 2012: Lone Star Statement.  Photography by William Abranowicz.  All images from

Why I like it: The black painted bookcases.  Neutral palette with strong contrasting lights and darks and restricted accents of color (red, green).  Use of different textures (wood, jute, plants, soft fabrics, glossy woodwork) to add interest.

Good ideas: Framing just a colored sheet of paper as a color accent (over fireplace).  Keeping the base of a room neutral and adding color with accessories that are easy to change and move around (artwork, blankets, books) is never, ever a bad idea.

More photos of this project after the jump...

Sourcing: Made Goods

Made Goods has some pretty amazing home accents with a big nod to nature.  Trays, shagreen boxes, lamps, stools, tables, mirrors, baskets, objets.  This would be a great source for those pieces that give the finishing touch to a room.  Those less than practical treat yo'self pieces.  Here are a few that stood out to me on a quick trip through the site (which has great, clean product photography, by the way).  All images from

1. Tanek Stool - that is a little Japanese stool CAST IN RESIN!  2.  Adrian Mirror - handmade to look like barnacles and hand painted.  Nature never goes out of style.  3.  Raylan Basket  4.  Tekla Faux Coral Objet - love the color.  5.  Arron Lamp - that base is formed out of metallized rocks.  6.  Cobus Stool - gaps in the wood have been filled with resin and small mirrored squares.  Love the juxtaposition of natural and man-made in this piece.

Good Idea: Powder Room Mirror

Why hang just a small mirror over your bathroom vanity when you can mirror the entire wall?  Of course, you should only do this if the view you're reflecting is so nice you want to see it twice.

Image scanned form Elle Decor October 2012: Beauty Secrets.

Elle Decor: Home of Ivanka Trump

Home of Ivanka Trump.  Designed by Kelly Behun.  Featured in Elle Decor October 2012: High Standards.  Photography by Eric Piasecki.  All images from

What I like:  It's a little out there and wacky, but the restrained color palette and incorporation of earthy materials and plants keeps it grounded.  The addition of pops of turquoisy blue to the otherwise muted den (below) keeps your eye moving around the room.

Instant Attraction: Steven Volpe in Elle Decor

Designer Steven Volpe's California Home, featured in Elle Decor June 2012: Western Union.  Photography by William Abranowicz.  All photos from

Why I like it: The simplicity of the palette (wood + whites, rustic feeling fabrics).  The simplicity and spareness of the interior (no window treatments / minimal window treatments, simple shapes / fixtures)

More photos of this project after the jump...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Architectural Digest: Home of Nina Garcia

From Architectural Digest October 2012.  Home of Nina Garcia.  I like the simplicity of this room.  Everything has space to breather and the muted complementary color palette is very soothing and serene.  It's feminine, but not overly so.

Images from and scanned from the magazine.  Photos by Bjorn Wallander.  Design by Carlos Aparicio.

More photos after the jump...

Architectural Digest: Home of Jenni Kayne and Richard Ehrlich

From Architectural Digest, October 2012: Comfort Zone.  The home of Jenni Kayne and Richard Ehrlich.  I love the simple and relaxed palette and the overall vibe of this project.  Looks very beautiful but still comfy and livable for a family.  Speaking of which, even the children's rooms are amazing.  Project by Standard.

All photos from or scanned from the magazine.  Photos by Roger Davies.

More photos of this amazing home after the jump...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jayson Home Sofas and Chairs

Flipping through the Jayson Home catalog reminded me of what lovely upholstered sofas and chairs they have.  I think what appeals to me is that they all seem to have a story behind them.  They feel approachable, inviting, classic, and lived-in.  Makes me want to curl up with a book.

Above: Theodore Sofa.  Image from
Below: Kempton Sofa.  Image from the catalog, via  Clarke Chair.  Image from

And just for fun, how about this gold-plated wishbone they have on offer?  Why not?  Gold Wishbone, image from