Monday, September 26, 2011


 Delsey Karat suitcase.

 Kayak sideboard by Cattelan Italia.

Inlay cabinet by Porro.

Color Files: Black & White, Light & Dark

There's nothing better than a good contrast.  I'm instantly drawn to any room with an abundance of natural materials and textiles combined with light and dark.  Here's a few shots, pulled from some of the same AD features as my earlier post about custom furniture and built-ins:

Built-in/Custom Furniture

The design firm that I work for often designs custom furniture and storage systems for clients.  At first it can seem completely overwhelming to be told to design custom millwork.  There are so many things to think of: scale, proportion, material, construction, hinges, closures...

This has made me start taking extra note of these things when I am going through the monthly mags.  There are some really beautiful things to look at, and it's also helpful and inspiring to see what other people have done.  Not to mention it makes me jealous to see how much storage some people have in their apartments.  Jealousy aside, these are some custom designed storage systems that stood out to me from the September and October issues of Architectural Digest alone.

Images from the feature on Alberto Pinto's Brazil apartment:
I'm always a sucker for natural finished woods combined with white and black, so it's no surprise that this stood out to me.  It could be a complete mess in there, but from the outside it's pure serenity, it looks like it should be filled with fluffy white robes and nothing more.

I love the way the stone is wrapped around the front and down the sides all the way to the floor, with the storage areas "floating" inside.

Next, some photos from the feature on David Kleinberg's Manhattan home:
Same detail here, with the wrapped stone counter top.  The stone also wraps up the wall to form the backsplash.

Beautiful "bookcase sofa."  What a great place to sit and flip through a book.

Wrapped stone again, and I love the striped marble, although it is a little too blue for my taste.  Maybe it looks different in person.  I love the fixtures protruding from the wall, that's a great detail for easy counter wipe up.

 And now a few from the Manhattan apartment of Ed Filipowski and Mark Lee:
 Way to turn a huge doorway into a library.

I like the mix of materials and finishes in their kitchen.  It's a bit odd, but it works.  Very asian inspired.

And last but not least, the Manhattan loft of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, who seem to have covered every available wall with shelving and cupboards of all shaped and sizes, creating lots of wonderful nooks and crannies for display and storage:

 The above view makes me swoon.  I want to get in there, it just feels so warm and welcoming. 

 This is the child's room.  So many hiding places! 

Delaunay steel dining table by Craig Van Den Brulle.  Inspired by the Delaunay triangulation algorithm.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun digital phone with retro styling.  By John Lewis.
A good gray paint can be hard to find.

Laura Ashley large spiral chandelier.

Rooms I love from Living Etc Sept 2011. 

Some nice examples of custom millwork from Living Etc Sept 2011.  I especially love the living room shelving on the top right.
Armoire from The Conran Shop.
LOOOOVE this sideboard.  Designed by Bethan Grey for John Lewis
well, i just loved the way this whole page looked so I scanned it all in.  I always love shades of white with natural wood tones.  I particularly love the mirror, pendant light, and flask.

Interior shutters aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about window treatments.  But they can be really gorgeous, as seen here.  Image from Living Etc, Sept 2011.  Elm shutters by The California Company.
Do you know what that is?  Soap!