Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Emily Summers' powder room

I love the simple, clean luxury of this powder room (especially the wallpaper!) from the home of Emily Summers, as featured in Architectural Digest, April 2012.  Photo by Nikolas Koenig.

Wallcovering by Cannon/Bullockpendant light by Gunther Leuchtmann, from Plug, vintage mirror, Kohler faucet.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sourcing: Mansour Modern rugs

Mansour Modern - African Collection by Ben Soleimani - Souk
Ben Soleimani is the head designer at Mansour Modern, and his rugs are sooo sososo lovely.  There are collections by other great designers at Mansour Modern as well, but this blog post highlights some of my favorite from Ben's collections.

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Mansour Modern - ABO Collection by Ben Soleimani - Ballin
Mansour Modern - Moroccan Collection by Ben Soleimani - 15
Mansour Modern - Moroccan Collection by Ben Soleimani - MM57162
Mansour Modern - Vintage Collection by Ben Soleimani - 21

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sourcing: Plantation

Plantation is a GREAT source for lighting, furniture, and loads of other luxe decorative touches (fur pillows and throws, hide rugs, etc).  Materials wise, there's lots of nice metal work, carved wood, glass, and beautiful inlay details on their decorative boxes.  Lots of nicely crafted stuff here.

Top row, L - R: Barcelona Chandelier (wooden beads, cerused white oak, oil rubbed bronze); Victor Iron Side Table (iron base with gold leaf finish, glass top with gold leaf edge); Hues Clear Bottle Vases #1 (hand blown glass, other colors available).
Bottom Row, L - R: Redmond Brass Pendant (antique brass finish); Bongo Wood Table (teak and sheesham); Dominic Sconce - Antique Brass (antique brass, mirrored glass).

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Super Cool - Studio Gorm Flow Kitchen

This "living kitchen" by Studio Gorm is pretty amazing.  They explain it best on their website:
a living kitchen where nature and technology are integrated in a symbiotic relationship, processes flow into one another in a natural cycle, efficiently utilizing energy, waste, water and other natural resources. it provides a space not only for preparing food but an environment that gives a better understanding of how natural processes work. a kitchen where food is grown, stored, cooked and composted to grow more food. 
the flow products can be used independently but are far more effective when they work in concert as part of the larger system. the individual objects are relatively uncomplicated, acting as simple vehicles for the more complex natural processes to do the work. this kitchen is developed as a flexible system where resources are reused by several elements creating a dynamic flow between the products. 
the water from the dish rack drips on the herbs and edible plants, which are grown in the planter boxes places below the rack. the counter top features a built in waste bowl, which can be utilized to dump the scraps while preparing the food. once the bowl is full, it needs only to be tipped to transfer the waste into the worm bin composter, which lies beneath the counter top. as the waste is lowered into the composter, the worms convert it into nutrient rich fertilizer, which can be put back into the plants.
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