Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Williamsburg loft apartment featured in Dwell.
Ten to One architecture (more and better pictures on their site)

I love the mix of woods used in the palette of this space.  It's very warm.  And I love the use of large bookcases to divide up the space and the cove lighting as opposed to poking a bunch of holes in the ceiling for light fixtures.

A Cobble Hill apartment featured in Dwell.

Another white walls/wood floors and ceiling sandwich.  I love this look.  It makes a space be bright ad white but still warm.  I love the mix of modern and rustic/new and old in this apartment.

I love the white painted brick walls sandwiched by warmly colored wood ceilings and floors.  Also love the brick painting detail at the window.

Yerger Residence
Phoenix Arizona

This home is amazing.  It's like a hotel.  I would love to spend time here.  I love the stretched shade tarps and how the kitchen dining area is open to the patio/pool area.  What an amazing place to entertain!

I like how these interiors are bright and white, but are still warm.  I think that the warm wood accents and the texture of the white-painted brick and the white-painted exposed ceiling beams contribute to the warmth.

A beautiful hidden subway stop in NYC
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Stores to check out in NYC and Brooklyn

From Dwell
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How amazing is that mirrored Treehotel??
I also love the use of one material for walls and ceiling of the Archipelago house.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Suita sofa.  Vitra.  Antonio Citterio

HAL tube chair by Jasper Morrison for Vitra

Dwell recycling primer

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 Geraldine De Beco for Bernardaud

When you pour liquid into these bowls you reveal an animal shape!

Urban Archaeology for Trikeenan Basics in Outer Galaxy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Modular Homes

Wetstyle bathtubs/bathroom fixtures

Modern, sleek, sexy bathtubs, bathroom fixtures, and bathroom furniture and accessories

Raydoor sliding walls and doors


Attractive sliding/folding panels to divide a space yet allow light to filter through.  Good flexible space dividing solution.

Villa Welpeloo

Located in Enschede, Netherlands.  Featured in Dwell February 2011.
Built largely from locally sourced scrap. 
I like the layout and the overall appearance of a bunch of cubic units coming together to form a house.  I also like the wood used for the exterior and the clever incorporation of balconies, terraces and overhangs.