Friday, December 23, 2011

Susan Weinthaler

In my previous post about the timber-framed home, you can see the above art piece installed in the foyer of the home.  It consists of 2" x 2" squares of varying colors (and perhaps materials, although I can't tell) mounted on a steel canvas with magnets.  The piece is by Susan Weinthaler.  Here's an excerpt from the artist statement on her website:
I have worked with a wide range of materials and treatments, and as such my BITS occupy a space that involves sculpture, painting, and photography that is new is the art world. I am completely taken with the idea of the potentially infinite and am attempting to create an art form that is truly capable of it.
I love that idea, and I love that these artworks are interactive.  You can move the pieces around at will to create different compositions.

All images from  More images of her work after the jump...

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