Friday, June 15, 2012

Instant Attraction: Barn Raising (New York Times)

This beautiful barn was featured on the New York Time blog on May 4, 2012. It's so beautiful, with those big windows, and the light, bright (yet not stark) interiors. With all of the Marimekko and that sophisticated Scandinavian look, it's no surprise that one of the owners, Tiina Laakkonen, is Finnish (and a stylist at that).  And she has a great philosophy on design. In the article she says that she likes "when you can still see the person’s hand in things. Anything that is made by hand will age better than something that has been manufactured."  Love it.

More pics of this Amagansett home below and on the NYT blog.  All photos from

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

M. Night Shyamalan's Country Estate

The country estate of M. Night Shyamalan is just bananas.  It's a HUGE "storied 1930s Georgian Revival home near Philadelphia with a romantic array of English architectural styles."  I like how they kept the interiors on the traditional side, but used a lighter palette and more casual furnishings and arrangements.  Traditional interiors can be so heavy and unwelcoming, so a project like this is a nice change.

This home was featured in the Architectural Digest June 2012 article "Special Effects".  All photos by Eric Piasecki and from

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bulthaup Kitchens

The organizer in me just LOVES the way these kitchens are perfectly compartmentalized to accomodate all of your kitchen appliances, plates, glasses, food, and kitchen tools.  You open it up, cook your dinner, then it all folds back up into a pair of sleek, warm, modern armoires (see below).

b2 by Bulthaup.  Images from

Friday, June 8, 2012

Instant Attraction: Montana retreat featured in AD

This gorgeous Montana home was featured in Architectural Digest June 2012 in the article "Pride of Place."  All photos by Joshua McHugh, from  Design by architect David Lake and interior designer Madeline Stuart.

This project features a beautiful palette that is super natural but not rustic in style.  The use of materials and construction is lovely.  According to the architect:
“Our motto for this project was ‘Rough and ready,’” Lake says. “The design is seriously practical, easy to heat and cool, with nothing to paint or fret over. It’s essentially a simple barn, with open living, kitchen, and dining zones bracketed by spacious porches. There’s nothing precious about it.”
Love it.  More photos of this project below, and even more on

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fish Scales!

Jarrod Lim - Koi Lounge Chair; Property

I've been seeing fish scale patterns popping up everywhere lately, and I'm loving it.  That chair above is amazing.  Here's another fun shot.  Check out those shadows!  More fish scale items below...

African Wave wall stencil from royaldesignstencils on Etsy.
Mansour Modern, Ben Soleimani Hyde Collection Zeus Black Rug

Mecox Gardens - Fishscale Chest of Drawers

Plantation - Lafayette Side Table

Kitchen with fish scale wall pattern - Sorry, I don't know the designer.  I know I have
seen this image before, though, so I will keep digging!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dreamy Bathtub

Who wouldn't love a mid-afternoon soak in this bathtub?  I love the use of climbing plants on a trellis as a privacy screen.  Featured in Architectural Digest April 2012, "Industrial Revolution".  Photo by Simon Watson.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Instant Attraction: Home of Alfredo Paredes and Brad Goldfarb

I love everything about this apartment.  It's in the East Village, has a KILLER terrace, the architecture is so lovely, and the design that was implemented is gorgeous.  I want it all.  The materials palette, those windows!, the fireplaces, fixtures, millwork, furnitures, fabrics, the floor-to-ceiling wraparound draperies in the master bedroom.  And that dog is a muffin too.  What a retreat it must be to come home to this place. 

All images by Miguel Flores-Vianna, from  Featured in Architectural Digest April 2012, "Partners in Style".