Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CUSTHOM wall coverings and prints

CUSTHOM is a British design collective that creates a variety of products, including ceramics, textiles, and their standout wallpapers and art prints.  Their CMYK embroidered print is shown above, at left (detail at right). 

Some shots of their lovely wallpapers and another print after the jump...

Top left: Columbia Road wallpaper, gold
Top right: No. 29 (risograph print)
Bottom left: Columbia Road wallpepr, mustard
Bottom right: Embroidered Triangle wallpaper

I love how they embroider the paper, it adds such great depth that you wouldn't get from just printing.  And the way they play with scale on the Columbia Road wallpaper keeps things interesting.  I would love to have a wall papered in that large scale gold paper.

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