Monday, January 9, 2012

Good idea: Vase display

Flipping through the most recent CB2 and West Elm catalogs, I saw SO MANY beautiful vases.  In a perfect world I'd be able to collect them all and display them in all their glory like this lucky woman, Nikki Tibbles.  Her home was featured in the January 2011 issue of Living Etc.  The feature included the below shot of the living room, where she displays her collection of vases and glassware.  I love the idea of the object that is typically used to display something (flowers) becoming the object on display.  It's a trend I've also seen happening with frames.  Some of my favorite vases after the jump.

Photo scanned from Living Etc. January 2012.  Photography by James Merrell.

Photos of my favorite vases after the jump...
1.  West Elm log vases.  Beautiful, natural forms.
2.  West Elm hive vases.  Have a very artisanal, charmingly battered quality to them.  I love the muted color palette as well.
3.  West Elm wooden ombré vases.  I'm loving ombré right now.
4.  CB2 space vases.  These look very handmade, as if someone molded them out of plaster dipped gauze.
5.  Stephen Antonson for West Elm vases, candlesticks, mirror, and ledge.  I blogged previously about Stephen Antonson's gorgeous plaster creations.  It's great to see him launching a line for West Elm.
6.  West Elm recycled glass bud vases.  Gorgeous analogous colors.
7.  West Elm recycled glass jugs.  Taller version of # 6.  Just picture the afternoon sunlight filtering through these babies.
8.  West Elm colored glass tealight holders.  I'd pepper a few of these into my dream vase collection display to add a twinkle of candlelight at night.

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