Friday, December 2, 2011

Instant Attraction: The New Modern (House Beautiful)

I would move into this home without hesitation and live here happily forever.  It uses my favorite palette: simple, neutral, black, soft whites, and lots of warm, natural tones coming from wood and other natural materials.  This creates a great backdrop for the color accents added by the artwork, objects, and textiles.  I love the casual arrangements scattered throughout the house: framed artwork hung salon style in the dining room, the "organized clutter" of objects on display atop sideboards and tables, and the worn-in collections of pillows upholstered in a smattering of fabrics scattered on that comfy looking sofa.  In fact, pretty much everything in this house gives off an aura of warmth.  The quilts, pillows and rugs all have an extremely handmade quality to them.  And OH!  that kitchen.  The counter seating, the materials used, the open storage displays of tableware, glassware, and spices.  A kitchen is for cooking, it shouldn't look like an operating room.  And this one is perfect.

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Other things I love:
* Hans Wegner's Wishbone chairs around the dining table
* Light fixture over the dining table (from Lawson Fenning)
* Wood slat flooring in the bathroom - always makes me feel I'm in a spa.
* Serene outdoors spaces
* Simple, uncluttered bedrooms.

This project was featured in House Beautiful, Dec/Jan 2012, The New Modern.  Interior Design by Pamela Shamshiri for Commune, Photos by Amy Neunsinger.

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