Sunday, December 18, 2011

Instant Attraction: The Home of Amy Butler

The home of Amy Butler was featured in the November 2011 issue of Living Etc.  Photographs by Matthew Williams.  

I LOVE this living room.  So light and airy.  Very crisp and clean, but very homey and bursting with personality.  I love the wide plank wood floors and jute rug and other woven accents throughout.  Those cats really seem to enjoy those large ottoman cubes topped with pillows.  The far wall features one of Amy's wallpaper designs for Graham and Brown.  

A look at Amy's kitchen after the jump...

Here's a glimpse of the kitchen.  I love the sparing yet bold use of color on the far wall and the natural, not overly finished look of the wood cabinetry in the kitchen.  Very nice stovetop too!  You could do some serious cooking on those burners.  Beautiful collections of personal objects appear in this shot as well.  To me, nothing is more beautiful than a well curated display of items that have meaning to the owner.

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