Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sunset Magazine: Houseplants Go Glam

This houseplant guide in Sunset Magazine (Feb 2013) features a great selection of gorgeous houseplants.  I am a huge fan of having plants in my living environment.  They are like living sculptures, and they say they help purify the air inside too.  I have a fiddle-leaf fig that I am trying to get to grow into a more tree-like shape like the one above and I'd love to add some of these other beauties to the collection.  Especially the more vertical, tree-like black aralia or ficus triangularis, as most of my plants are low and squat.

If you live in my neck of the woods, a great source for houseplants (and herbs and other seasonal plants) is David Shannon Nursery and Florist.  They've got a solid selection of plants at reasonable prices, a really friendly staff, and will also re-pot your plants before you take them home for a small fee.  They have a selection of basic planters, but you could also bring your own. 

To read more about these plants visit or pick up the Feb 2013 issue.  Image above scanned from Sunset Magazine.  Photo by Thomas J. Story.

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