Friday, January 11, 2013

Casual/Luxe Cottage by Peter Dunham

How great is that giant dining nook?  Using two separate tables allows people seated in the center of the long banquette to squeeze in and out, which is smart.  I just love dining areas fitted with custom banquettes.  If I don;t get to design one for myself sometime soon I might have to do it for someone else.  Any takers?

This image is from a Newport Beach cottage designed by Peter Dunham, as featured in House Beautiful February 2013.  Photography by Victoria Pearson.

This project features so many GORGEOUS rugs and textiles.  And also lots of great layering and style mixing.  You can see some more photos after the jump...

Firstly, I love these navy patterned throw pillows:

And check out the aged Persian rug in this bathroom.  Oh my god it is so beautiful I want it.

Next we have a bedroom with so many textiles.   Fabric hanging from the four poster bed layered behind the headboard, then bedding, then the upholstered sofa and its pillows, all sitting on top of the giant area rug.  While not precisely my style, it is a gorgeous and very well considered room.  It feels very welcoming and soft.

And then there's this little vignette.  I love the leather armchairs, antique rug-upholstered ottoman, and white, grid-panelled walls.  I love this a lot.

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