Monday, January 21, 2013


What are your favorite blogs?  I keep accumulating more and more, so I started using Bloglovin' to keep track of them all.  I can use the app or website to read all of my faves in one place.  Lately my favorite has been Hommemaker, by Orlando Soria, an interior designer in LA.  His writing is hilarious and makes me actually laugh out loud.  He works with Emily Henderson, who writes another favorite blog of mine, filled with helpful information and written in a personal tone, as if a real, approachable person is speaking to you.  I tend to prefer blogs like that, unpretentious ones where you get a real sense of the person writing it - they are always the ones I read first.  Another like that is Elements of Style, by Erin Gates, a designer/stylist in Boston.  A few of my favorites for eye candy are French By Design, Roseland Greene, Desire to Inspire, My Scandinavian Home, and The Marion House Book.  There are loads of others I follow, that's just a short list of my tops.  I'm sure I am missing some great ones and would love to hear about them!

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