Monday, December 31, 2012

Astoria Project Peek

A view of the apartment's entry
So, I haven't forgotten about my own apartment challenge, but I've been so busy with other exciting projects that I haven't had a chance to post about it.  Here are a few sneak peaks at one of those other projects, an apartment in Astoria, Queens.  Look out for a complete set of images in the coming weeks on my website

With this project I got a chance to build one of the great black pipe shelving units seen here, on a blog I really love, The Brick House.  It was a LOT of work (prep and schlep), but I really loved how it turned out in the end.  Because the pipes and boards comes in all different lengths and sizes and can be cut to any length you want, it's possible to customize it to suit your needs.

Heading to the install with a tree in the car
Assembling a custom shelving unit with the super handy and fun Will
A glimpse at the finished and styled shelving

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