Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not-Too-Kiddie Kids' Rooms

I love these kids' rooms that are not too childish.  They're still colorful, playful, and kid appropriate, but not overflowing with blue or pink decor.  Both of these are actually DIY projects taken on by homeowners!  They both did a great job.  And is it me or is gray the new white?  I love gray walls, they really make the other color accents POP!

Above: Room for three (!) boys by the author of The Bumper Crop.  Read about how she put this room together here.

Below: a lovely nursery by a Beacon Hill homeowner, featured on Elements of Style.  That painting looks so lovely there.  Nice stimulating colors for a baby, too.  And I love the sofa in the nursery.  It makes sense to make things comfy for the moms and dads too!  They'll be spending many sleepless nights in there.

All photos from the referenced blogs.

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