Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My favorite trompe l'oeil to date

Trompe l'oeil can sometimes be really cheesy and over-the-top.  I can definitely appreciate the talent of the artist who executes well done trompe l'oeil panelling, for example, but to me it seems a little silly to incorporate fake, painted-on panelling into an interior.  Real panelling is a different story, but in general I think it's better to celebrate the beauty of what is there rather than to try to disguise it as something else.  

That said, this trompe l'oeil light pattern is stunning!  This is a Boerum Hill parlour by Nightwood in Brooklyn.  It makes the room feel even more light and bright that it already is.  I do wonder if it would seem odd at night though, when it's very obvious that the highlight is painted on.  At any rate, it's beautiful, inventive, and well-executed.  

Image from www.nightwoodny.com.

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