Monday, January 9, 2012

Sourcing: West Elm roundup

I really love the West Elm's aesthetic of clean, fresh, classic lines combined with lots of natural materials.  Here's a roundup of a few of my favorite things from their latest catalog.

Rustic chairs and glass jar pendant lights.  So much beauty in the simplicity of that chair.

Wood tiled 3-drawer dresser.  The wood tiles on the front remind me of bone.  I love the pairing of the intricate wood tiling detail with a simple shape, hardware, and frame.

Floating wood floor mirror.  I love the reveal between the edge of the mirror and the wood frame.  Such a refreshing change from a regular old framed mirror.

Y-base coffee table.  Again, simple, clean lines and beautiful materials.  Marble is one of those materials that has the potential to look very tacky and overly extravagant.  Cut with a simple flat edge and paired with this simple raw steel base, it looks understated and classic, and could fit into a wide variety of decorating schemes.

Large curved basket.  Ohmygod I luuurve a chunky, well-made basket.  I love the curve to this one.  It would be great holding firewood, blankets, kids' toys, loads of flowers...just about anything.

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