Monday, December 19, 2011

Materials file: "Striped" materials

If you look into my closet it will be very clear to you that I like stripes.  I'm not sure why...I don't consciously go looking for striped clothing, I just gravitate towards it for some reason.  It could be that I tend to like crisp and very graphic designs with clearly delineated contrasts.  Whatever the attraction, it definitely carries over into my interior design preferences.  Here are some interiors that feature materials  applied in way that show off a strip-like quality.

Above: City Home Remodel by Garret Cord Werner LLC.  I've been loving pressed concrete lately.  Paired with the green velvet on this sofa and the browns, blacks and whites that make up the rest of this pallette, it is looking pretty fantastic.

More images after the jump...

Concrete House by BAK Arquitectos.  More pressed concrete walls.

Striped marble backsplash scanned from Living Etc, Nov 2011.  I also love how they chose to leave  a  reveal between the stone and the rest of the wall, rather than just applying the stone directly onto the wall.

Stacked stone shower, scanned from Living Etc magazine.  

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