Friday, December 2, 2011


After seeing this fantastic, transformers-like urn/serving set in House Beautiful I moseyed on over to the website of Ibride, a design firm that creates amazing and quirky furniture and accessories.  Their pieces are odd in the best possible way.  More treasures after the jump...

Rastignae wall shelf.  What a unique spin on a bookshelf.  From straight on it looks like a painting, seen from an angle you realize that it actually holds books.  The front pane also swings open to reveal a completely concealed center compartment.

Bambi console.  This could add character to just about any room in a house.  It's whimsical, yet refined.  Imagine it in an entryway topped with a perfectly tarnished silver tray for your keys, a small stack of antique books and a gorgeous tangle of flowers like these from Saipua:

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